What started as a paint touch up,
turned into a full restoration.


 Hanging out

Hanging out

The New Team

As we disassembled, bagged and tagged and cleaned the parts the ideas keep coming. Since we are now past the point of no return, every nut and bolt, rubber and plastic, wire and hose are being replaced. Its been 21 years since we started the custom work in the first phase of the build and hopefully we will get another 20 years out of this build. 

We are working with friends, referrals and talented people to rebuild the truck back to its former glory. Every metal part including the frame has been or will be sand blasted. Christian Sosa smoothed and filled the fire wall along with the bed stake holes. Ron at Black Magic Hydraulics and his crew removed the old setup and put in a new custom 4 link suspension. We had some parts sand blasted at Snail Motorsports and Jose used his connect to blast the cab and bed. 

Update: We made it to SEMA

Miko's 1953 Chevy

The Reunion

In 1994, the summer before I went off to art school, we finished the first phase of the truck. My dad and I drove the truck to the Lowrider Super Show in LA. That night we were still finishing the interior in the parking lot. The show was on Sunday and by Monday I was driving to Phoenix to start my first day of art school.

With the rebuild, I reached out to many of those involved in the first build. Miko the painter, James cut out the truck for hydros, Ray wired the switches, Sam and Zeke did the interior and Pops Shop mounted the tires. They will all be part of the rebuild and collaborate with all the current people involved in the project.

I've been fortunate to still have the personal relationship with those who helped me out as a kid.



1966 GMC Custom


Custom Aqua & White
w/ Ice Pearls
Micro Flake
Lace Patterns


Custom Interior
Bed Loveseat


LA Wire Wheels
w/ 520 Coker Tires
Stock Wheels
w/ Radial White Wall Tires


10 Switches
Original REDS Pumps
Black Magic Hydraulic
4 Link Suspension
Extended Upper Arms
Filled Lower Arms

Chrome & Powder Coat

& Accessories