Brochacho-Fest 2016

Once again we are proud sponsors of Brochacho-Fest in Old Nevada Bonnie Springs.

A dozen + rides met up at So-Cal Speed Shop for donuts and coffee. We hung out and rolled out around 9am for the cruise through Vegas toward Red Rock.

This year, 3 bands rocked the stage, Water Landing, The All-Togethers, and Until The Eclipse. Pretty Betty Pinup put together a pin-up contest for the crowd.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Esquires, Downtown Clasicos, Pachachos, Memory Lane, Divine 1 Customs, Northtown Classics, Performance Motorsports, Vegas VDubs, Hypnotic Tattoos, Kutty Photography, Generator Photography, KingZZ Photography, and many more.


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More Chrome

Besides the final paint (still waiting on a painter to finish the job) we only have a few items left on the build. Since we have time, we are replacing more parts. I already have a chrome alternator, but why not get a new Powermaster, alternator to go with the new Painless Wiring and Dakota Digital gauges. I keep the drum brakes so upgraded to a dual master cylinder. Small details.